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Returned some work. Filed.

A Wrinkle In Time--Hand in/check in Chapter 1 worksheet.

Discuss Monday quick write.

--Think about other kinds of civilizations, cultures that may exist on
other planets, ancient cultures studied or fantasy worlds you’ve read about.
What stories do you know about? What might be the purpose of storytelling
and literature in any of these places? Why are stories important?

Discussed reading/work on Chapter 1.

Took a short quiz on Chapter 1. NAME ON quiz.
Leave in class basket when bell rings.   NOT HOMEWORK.

Got worksheet for Chapter 2.

HW: Weds Read Chapter 2 and complete worksheet

Thurs: Mugs and Chapter 3 and worksheet.


Finished evaluations of movie reviews.
Mark a #1 (the best) and #8 (the least successful). I’ll collect. Keep your movie rubric.
You will need it.

Finish Flowers For Algernon questions. Can do with partner. Story on p. 182.


“Algernon Independent” Writing Task:

Charlie makes this claim about intelligence: “In my mental blindness,
I thought that it was somehow connected with the ability to read and write,
and I was sure that if I could get those skills I would automatically have
intelligence too.”     

Your writing task will be: Identify the most significant points where
Charlie’s understanding of intelligence has evolved.
Discuss both his emotional and intellectual growth along with
his eventual regression.
Support your claims with valid reasoning and relevant and sufficient evidence
from the text, including direct quotes and page numbers.

First. begin with anevidence chart.  Go online to get one to use. Or create your own,
using that as an example.  Use any relevant notes you compiled while reading and
answering the “text-dependent” response questions.
Copy the chart to your google docs folder and then use it.

Your evidence chart is due on WEDS.

HW: WEDS: Complete Evidence Chart, Flowers For Algernon