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Science Topics To Write Essays On

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Creating an Essay on a Scientific Topic

A scientific essay is written after carrying out extensive research. With the help of published papers, a scientific essay can be produce. To write scientific essay, steps are same as writing any other form of essay. To write an essay, you should have a vast knowledge about your topic, have a skill to start essay in clear, concise style and end it with great accuracy and absolute facts and figures which lead to acceptable conclusion. The main difference between common essay and a scientific essay is to search and study the published literature form different journals, deduce a hypothesis, explain them via facts and figures and finally compose a result. Some common points that a scientific essay should follow are discuss below.

  • Main point: The main point in an essay is important. What you are writing about and what is the statement of argument comes under the deduction of main points. Your essay must have a strong point for argument, explaining facts and composing conclusion from them. A good essay must have single point of discussion, have clarity in thought and should be well organized and well written.
  • Research and analysis: Wide papers and research articles helps a lot in writing a good scientific essay. The analysis is done with the help of these papers and a good point for discussion. Making a hypothesis via these articles and generating a list of possibilities leads to well organized scientific essay. Critical analysis should be done because being critical helps in examining some false facts or statements. For example, some technique used may have some disadvantages or not giving proper results or only suitable in working under certain limited conditions. In writing a scientific essay, always avoid words such as “scientists believe” or “it is believed that” or some other words related to them. The sentence structure should be simple and easy to understand and must leave a clear image in readers mind.
  • Conclusion: in the end, conclusion comes, which describe about the purpose of writing an essay and summarizes the main point that is the center of discussion. Conclusion must be concise and clear and explain the reason of writing essay.
  • References: in writing a scientific essay, provide the references of citation given in the essay. At the end of essay, full references should be given and in the text references should be in the form of authors' names and year of publication.

Top 20 Great Essay Writing Topics On Science And Technology

With the lines between science, technology, and humanity blurring more and more there as a multitude of topics that could be chosen as a great essay topic. There is no way to list all of the possible options in any single article. Instead we will break it down into several categories, and then into specific topics. If you can’t find a topic here that fits what you would like to write about, then hopefully it will at least help generate an idea that sparks your interest.

Broad categories include Technology and the Human Body, Cloning, Identity and Privacy, Computers, Space Exploration, Genetic Manipulation, and Science and Religion. Those topics are just the tip of the iceberg, with the rapid advances that mankind is making on a nearly daily basis, any paper written on any of the following topics is sure to be exciting and easily researched.

  1. Does living in a technologically advanced society have a positive or negative effect on humanity?
  2. What is the effect of social media on the world?
  3. Has technology made the world smaller or bigger?
  4. Does the internet need stricter controls and censorship?
  5. What will technology do to the way we live in twenty-five years?
  6. Can genetically altered food sources be used to solve the world’s hunger problem?
  7. What defines death?
  8. Is using animal matter in human transplants ethical?
  9. Should people with health hazards such as smoking or obesity pay higher health care costs?
  10. Should human cloning be allowed?
  11. What role does religion play in the use of reproductive technologies?
  12. Is stem cell research a good or bad idea?
  13. What has social media and texting done to how we communicate?
  14. Has texting made this generation rude?
  15. How does memory work?
  16. Why are diseases, once believed to be eradicated, making a return?
  17. Why are diseases, once believed to be eradicated, making a return?How important are space exploration and research?How important are space exploration and research?
  18. Why are diseases, once believed to be eradicated, making a return?How important are space exploration and research?What do we really know about our universe?
  19. Why are diseases, once believed to be eradicated, making a return?How important are space exploration and research?How smart should our computers get?
  20. What effect will robotics have on us in twenty years?

Hopefully, the above list included something that interests you and you now have an idea of which direction you want to go with your essay. If not, there are many resources out there to help you make your choice. Good luck and happy writing.

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