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Essay About My New Year Resolution

I have been at university for three years now and each year my New Year's resolution has been basicallly the same: to be a better student. Here are five ways to make that come true.

1. Go to lectures and seminars

Before you skip another lecture, think: why am I missing part of an education that costs me £9,000 a year?

Lecture and seminars cover the content you are going to be tested on and by missing them you could fall behind.

After you leave university, potential employers may ask for a reference from your lecturers. So are those early morning lie-ins really worth missing out on your dream job?

2. Pick your nights out

After a week of clubbing, you can actually forget you are studying for a degree. Yes, uni should be fun, but your degree must come first. So while getting drunk, eating fast food on the way back home, and passing out on your bed may seem endlessly pleasurable, you need to work at some point.

Don't think tomorrow will come along and solve all your problems. If you've got a raging hangover, you'll be lucky to get out of bed. The answer is to ration your nights out, or your degree might get lost along with your memories of the night before.

3. Limit the shows you watch

When an essay is looming, the television shows you can access on your laptop will seem much more attractive than that document with your first few shaky paragraphs in it.

Limit the number of shows you watch. Don't start a new series before you have finished an old one. Or stick to live TV – at least you can't get tempted to watch episode after episode.

4. Save energy, save money

In student accommodation, gas and electricity is covered. But when you move to private housing you have to pay the bills.

Turn lights off if you aren't using them and don't leave your laptop charging 24/7.

Do you need to waste water and energy by running a bath and lying in your own filth for an hour? Most probably, no. Cut the waste, and you will save your precious student loan.

5. Do the housework

In my experience, 95% of arguments in student housing are centred around the washing up. Wash up straight after a meal so you don't forget.

If you don't do your fair share, the dishes will pile up and one unfortunate housemate will have to tackle it all – hardly good for house dynamics.

Dirty dishes are just one part of the mess that we generate. Why not make a cleaning rota to share out the rest?

What are your New Year's resolutions? Or do you prefer not to make them? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

New Year’s Resolutions seem to be getting a lot of flak this year.

Pretty much everyone I talk to says they didn’t make any because 1) resolutions don’t work, and/or 2) if you’re continually improving yourself, January is no different than any other month.

Nevertheless, I’m making some New Year’s Resolutions for 2018. I’m also checking in on the ones I made a year ago.

I actually did pretty well on following through on my 2017 promises, so I’m intentionally bucking the “no-resolution” trend this year.

Report on 2017 “Ressaylutions”:

1. Publish the 13th edition of How to Write a KILLER LinkedIn Profile, updated with the new face of LinkedIn.

Success! You can find the new edition right here.

How to Write a KILLER LinkedIn Profile continues to be a top 10 business writing resource for executives, professionals, business owners, and students. You’ll get 18 tips (plus 7 bonus tips) that teach you how to

✔ Improve your search rankings
✔ Impress visitors with an eye-catching photo and background image
✔ Build connections with etiquette and ease
✔ Showcase your strengths with an effective, unique LinkedIn Summary (examples included!)
✔ Utilize special sections to your advantage
✔ Leverage LinkedIn’s Jobs function
✔ Give and get persuasive recommendations
…and more!

Newly updated for 2018!

✔ Revised images and instructions throughout to match LinkedIn’s new redesign
✔ Mobile-specific instructions
✔ Special advice from a past recruiter
✔ Secret tip: Write headlines over 120 characters! (Mistake #1)
✔ How to connect without InMail (Mistake #5)
✔ How to find alumni connections (now that the Alumni function is gone) (Mistake #5)
✔ New best practices for the LinkedIn summary section (Mistake #7)
✔ The new face of LinkedIn Jobs (Mistake #15)
✔ The LinkedIn Students App (Appendix E)

And that’s just some of the changes. I think you’ll love the new edition and intend for it to be the best, most up-to-date LinkedIn book available on line!

2. Publish a trade edition of How to Write a STELLAR Executive Resume

Published! Check it out at



Barnes & Noble


3. Launch Writely, a Client Management Portal

As reported in August, I completed this but then reversed the decision. Back to square one!

4. Find that editor.

As reported in August, I look forward to bringing on two editors that I’ve already interviewed. Volume has returned to a level where I will need them!

5. Write a marketing plan – including SEO enhancements

While I did not write a marketing plan, I did implement some new strategies, including my favorite: starting to wish my LinkedIn connections Happy Birthday! I think all contact is good contact, and it keeps The Essay Expert top of mind. I reached out to some past connections as well, and I sent out an announcement about an upcoming price increase. I believe all these steps increased brand awareness for The Essay Expert.

Probably the most effective step I’ve taken is the new way I’m holding conversations with new clients. I’m taking more time and being more consistent in these conversations, and I think a greater sense of trust is resulting.

6. Explore the possibility of moving to the East Coast

I traveled to New York and New Haven in May, and New York again in October. I’m excited to have found at least one yoga studio that I love – an essential staple for me anywhere I live.

Ressaylutions for 2018:

  1. Create a KILLER LinkedIn portal – an online, subscription-based version of How to Write a KILLER LinkedIn Profile. This is occurring to me as a huge project.
  1. Investigate marketing How to Write a KILLER LinkedIn Profile to educational institutions. Ideally, I’ll find the perfect person or resource to do this for me.
  1. Build my business to the point where I need to use editors, and use them!
  1. Improve systems in ways that support both team members and clients.
  1. Further develop my management skills, especially skills in setting expectations and addressing breakdowns.
  1. Track my sales and editing time in a new way so I understand my personal income more.
  1. Continue exploring NYC and surrounding areas as a possible place to move in 2019. My next trip is coming up in just over a week!

I like this list as it’s a good combination of concrete projects and personal growth initiatives. All doable with the right amount of dedication and focus. I’m excited for the year ahead!

What’s in store for you in 2018? Please share in the comments.

If one of your New Year’s Resolutions is to advance your career in 2018, contact The Essay Expert for a free consultation on how we can best assist you!