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Safety Essay For Kids

Kids are going to fall, crash, slip and tumble. It’s all part of being a kid, and we wouldn't want it any other way. But there are little things we can all do to ensure that kids avoid the more serious injuries that can lead to disabilities and even death.

And we’re here to make it easy for you. 

Think of us as your go-to source for safety information nd safety tips. On this site, you will find tips from top safety experts on everything you need to keep kids of any age safe from preventable injuries. 

We’ve organized all our information in a variety of ways, from age of your child to risk area to space and place an injury might occur. To find exactly what you need just use the menus on the left. And don’t forget to share this information with a friend. Because when it comes to keeping kids happy, active and safe, we’re all in this together.

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Children and personal health and safety
A parent's worst nightmare is for a child to be hurt or abducted by someone. Here are simple tips for children’s health and safety for children of all ages. A parent’s worst nightmare has to be their child being hurt or abducted by a stranger. When dealing with a small child, there is little they can do to get away from an adult who has decided upon a hurtful course of action. There are precautions that can be taught to children that will improve their safety and chances of getting away.
We are all taught from birth not to bite. This has been a die-hard rule in most households from the beginning of time. For their own safety, children need to learn WHEN and how to bite. During an attack, teeth…show more content…

In these few paragraph it explain how a child’s bite can be affected and how a head butt can cause serious damage. If a child is caught in a situation he/she could bite on the ear, neck, shoulder, legs, arms and stomach. The website does state that the child should draw out blood from the attacker. This will let the attacker bleed or cry giving your child to run away from the attacker. Another attack is the head but. The child can force pain to the attacker that the attacker can bleed with a broken nose or a split lip. You can practice this with the child but you have to be careful because you can get injure. In the website there are other advice that if an attacker tries to harm the child. The child could defend themselves by breaking the grip of the attacker by bending a finger (either thumb or pinky finger) backwards which will break. Also, if the child is being kidnap then he or she should draw attention to him/her by yelling rape, fire, help, pervert and shouting No. I believe that we should tell our children that it’s not OK if a person touches you and you didn’t want them to. We should also emphasize that they could come to you when this situation happen. And tell him/her that it is not there fault. In this article there are some guidelines that parents should obey. This teaches them that a child could defend themselves if the situation arises. This situation is a parents’ worst fear but if you prepare them then the child will know