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Acm Dissertation Award 2007

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Masinter, Larry MACM Software System Award1992North America
Milner, A JACM A. M. Turing Award1991Europe
Sreejith, A VACM India Doctoral Dissertation Award2014Asia
Malossi, A. Cristiano I.ACM Gordon Bell Prize2015Europe
Perlis, A. J.ACM A. M. Turing Award1966North America
Turner, A. JoeOutstanding Contribution to ACM Award1995North America
Efros, Alexei A.ACM Prize in Computing2016Europe
Finerman, AaronACM Distinguished Service Award1981North America
Sidford, AaronACM Doctoral Dissertation Award2015North America
Walter, AaronACM/CSTA Cutler-Bell Prize in High School Computing2016North America
Shringarpure, AashayACM Gordon Bell Prize2010North America
Silberschatz, AbrahamACM Karl V. Karlstrom Outstanding Educator Award1998North America
Rahimian, AbtinACM Gordon Bell Prize2010North America
Brandt, AchiSIAM/ACM Prize in Computational Science and Engineering2005North America
Bertsch, AdamACM Gordon Bell Prize2013North America
Lerer, Adam K.ACM Gordon Bell Prize2014North America
Goldberg, AdeleACM Software System Award1987North America
Shamir, AdiACM Paris Kanellakis Theory and Practice Award1996North America
Shamir, AdiACM A. M. Turing Award2002Europe
Eguiluz, Adolfo G.ACM Gordon Bell Prize2010North America
Yamanaka, AkinoriACM Gordon Bell Prize2011Asia
Nukada, AkiraACM Gordon Bell Prize2011Asia
Gara, AlanACM Gordon Bell Prize2006North America
Kay, AlanACM Software System Award1987North America
Kay, AlanACM A. M. Turing Award2003North America
Ehrensperger, AlbrechtACM Eugene L. Lawler Award for Humanitarian Contributions within Computer Science and Informatics2005North America
Madry, AleksanderACM Doctoral Dissertation Award2011North America
Breuer, AlexanderACM-IEEE CS George Michael Memorial HPC Fellowships2014Europe
Avizienis, AlgirdasACM-IEEE CS Eckert-Mauchly Award2012North America
Scherr, Allan L.ACM Grace Murray Hopper Award1975North America
Newell, AllenACM A. M. Turing Award1975North America
Tucker, AllenOutstanding Contribution to ACM Award1991North America
Randles, AmandaACM-IEEE CS George Michael Memorial HPC Fellowships2009North America
Randles, AmandaACM-IEEE CS George Michael Memorial HPC Fellowships2010North America
Randles, AmandaACM-IEEE CS George Michael Memorial HPC Fellowships2012North America
Pnueli, AmirACM A. M. Turing Award1996North America
Pnueli, AmirACM Software System Award2007North America
Naamad, AmnonACM Software System Award2007North America
Even, AmosACM Gordon Bell Prize2014North America
Doan, AnHaiACM Doctoral Dissertation Award2003North America
Platzer, AndreACM Doctoral Dissertation Award2009North America
Bechtolsheim, AndreasACM Presidential Award2005North America
Broder, AndreiACM Paris Kanellakis Theory and Practice Award2012North America
Birrell, AndrewACM Software System Award1994North America
Yao, Andrew CACM A. M. Turing Award2000Asia
Tanenbaum, Andrew S.ACM Karl V. Karlstrom Outstanding Educator Award1994North America
Wilson, AndrewACM Software System Award1999North America
van Dam, AndriesACM Karl V. Karlstrom Outstanding Educator Award1993North America
Borg, AnitaACM Distinguished Service Award1999North America
Condon, AnneACM Doctoral Dissertation Award1988North America
Sharma, AnoopACM Software System Award2008North America
Forte, AnthonyACM Gordon Bell Prize2014North America
Ralston, AnthonyACM Distinguished Service Award1982Europe
Kozhevnikov, AntonACM Gordon Bell Prize2010Europe
Stone, AntoniaACM Eugene L. Lawler Award for Humanitarian Contributions within Computer Science and Informatics1999North America
Chandramowlishwaran, AparnaACM-IEEE CS George Michael Memorial HPC Fellowships2010North America
Chandramowlishwaran, AparnaACM Gordon Bell Prize2010North America
Trauring, AronACM Software System Award2007North America
Jacob, ArpithACM-IEEE CS George Michael Memorial HPC Fellowships2007North America
Agarwala, AseemACM Doctoral Dissertation Award2006North America
Dan, AsitACM Doctoral Dissertation Award1991North America
Oshiyama, AtsushiACM Gordon Bell Prize2011Asia
Suenaga, AtsushiACM Gordon Bell Prize2006Asia
Uno, AtsuyaACM Gordon Bell Prize2011Asia
Swartz, AviACM/CSTA Cutler-Bell Prize in High School Computing2016North America
Tevanian, AvieACM Software System Award2014North America
Huebl, AxelACM-IEEE CS George Michael Memorial HPC Fellowships2016Europe
Hejazialhosseini, BabakACM Gordon Bell Prize2013Middle East
Rau, Bantwal RACM-IEEE CS Eckert-Mauchly Award2002North America
Ericson, BarbaraACM Karl V. Karlstrom Outstanding Educator Award2010North America
Grosz, Barbara JACM AAAI Allen Newell Award2008North America
Liskov, BarbaraACM A. M. Turing Award2008North America
Smith, BarrySIAM/ACM Prize in Computational Science and Engineering2014North America
Liblit, BenACM Doctoral Dissertation Award2005North America
Wegbreit, BenACM Programming Systems and Languages Paper Award1974North America
Chor, Ben-ZionACM Doctoral Dissertation Award1985North America
Snyder, BenjaminACM Doctoral Dissertation Award2010North America
Vitale, BenjaminACM Gordon Bell Prize2014North America
Applebaum, BennyACM Doctoral Dissertation Award2007North America
Galler, BernardACM Distinguished Service Award1980North America
Rous, BernardOutstanding Contribution to ACM Award2008North America
Meyer, BertrandACM Software System Award2006Europe
Chen, BingweiACM Gordon Bell Prize2017Asia
Stroustrup, BjarneACM Grace Murray Hopper Award1993North America
Barak, BoazACM Doctoral Dissertation Award2004North America
Batson, BrannonACM Gordon Bell Prize2009North America
Batson, BrannonACM Gordon Bell Prize2014North America
Behlendorf, BrianACM Software System Award1999North America
Greskamp, BrianACM Gordon Bell Prize2014North America
Reid, Brian K.ACM Grace Murray Hopper Award1982North America
Towles, BrianACM Gordon Bell Prize2009North America
Towles, BrianACM Gordon Bell Prize2014North America
De Supinski, Bronis R.ACM Gordon Bell Prize2006North America
Lindsay, BruceACM Programming Systems and Languages Paper Award1982North America
Nelson, BruceACM Software System Award1994North America
Van Atta, Bruce W.Outstanding Contribution to ACM Award1976North America
Barras, BrunoACM Software System Award2013Europe
Buchberger, BrunoACM Paris Kanellakis Theory and Practice Award2007Pacific Rim
Parno, BryanACM Doctoral Dissertation Award2010North America
Smith, BurtonACM-IEEE CS Eckert-Mauchly Award1991North America
Lampson, Butler WACM Software System Award1984North America
Lampson, Butler WACM A. M. Turing Award1992North America
Lee, ByounghakACM Gordon Bell Prize2008North America
Bell, C GordonACM-IEEE CS Eckert-Mauchly Award1982North America
Hoare, C. Antony R.ACM Programming Systems and Languages Paper Award1973Europe
Hoare, C. Antony R.ACM A. M. Turing Award1980Europe
Ho, C. RichardACM Gordon Bell Prize2014North America
Liu, C.L.ACM Karl V. Karlstrom Outstanding Educator Award1989Asia
Gotlieb, Calvin C.ACM Presidential Award2002North America
Gotlieb, Calvin C.Outstanding Contribution to ACM Award2011North America
Bach, Carl E.ACM Doctoral Dissertation Award1984North America
Ebeling, CarlACM Doctoral Dissertation Award1986North America
Hammer, CarlACM Distinguished Service Award1979North America
Waldspurger, CarlACM Doctoral Dissertation Award1996North America
Lund, CarstenACM Doctoral Dissertation Award1991North America
Mead, CarverACM AAAI Allen Newell Award1997North America
Wang, ChaoACM-IEEE CS George Michael Memorial HPC Fellowships2007North America
Yang, ChaoACM Gordon Bell Prize2016Asia
Bradshaw, Charles LACM Distinguished Service Award1988North America
Thacker, Charles PACM Software System Award1984North America
Thacker, Charles PACM A. M. Turing Award2009North America
Thacker, Charles PACM-IEEE CS Eckert-Mauchly Award2017North America

Design automation has gained widespread acceptance by the VLSI circuits and systems design community. Advancement in computer-aided design (CAD) methodologies, algorithms, and tools has become increasingly important to cope with the rapidly growing design complexity, higher performance and low-power requirements, and shorter time-to-market demands. To encourage innovative, ground-breaking research in the area of electronic design automation, the ACM's Special Interest Group on Design Automation (SIGDA) has established an ACM award to be given each year to an outstanding Ph.D. dissertation that makes the most substantial contribution to the theory and/or application in the field of electronic design automation.
The award consists of a certificate and a check for $1,000 and is presented at the Design Automation Conference, which is held in June/July of each year. The award is selected by a committee of experts from academia and industry in the field and appointed by ACM in consultation with the SIGDA Chair.
Deadline: November 30th of each year
Nomination requirements: Each department of any university may nominate at most two Ph.D. dissertations whose final submission date is between July 1st of the previous year and June 30th of the current year. Each nomination package must be emailed by November 30 and should consists of:

  1. The PDF file of the Ph.D. dissertation. If the nominated Ph.D. dissertation is not written in English, an English translation of the entire dissertation must be included in the nomination package.
  2. A statement (up to two pages) from the nominee explaining the significance and major contributions of the work.
  3. A nomination letter from nominee's department chair or dean of the school endorsing the application.
  4. Optionally, up to three letters of recommendation from experts in the field. These letters may be included in the nomination package or sent separately to the address below.

The nomination materials should be emailed to (Subject: ACM Outstanding Ph.D. Dissertation Award in EDA).

Past Awardees

  • 2017 Jeyavijayan Rajendran, for the dissertation "Trustworthy Integrated Circuit Design," New York University. Advisor: Ramesh Karri.
  • 2016 Zheng Zhang, for the dissertation "Uncertainty Quantification for Integrated Circuits and Microelectromechanical Systems," Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Advisor: Luca Daniel.
  • 2015 Wenchao Li, for the dissertation "Specification Mining: New Formalisms, Algorithms and Applications," University of California at Berkeley. Advisor: Sanjit Seshia
  • 2014 Wangyang Zhang, for the dissertation "IC Spatial Variation Modeling: Algorithms and Applicaitons," Carnegie Mellon University. Advisors: Xin Li and Rob Rutenbar
  • 2013 Duo Ding, for the dissertation "CAD for Nanolithography and Nanophotonics," University of Texas at Austin. Advisor: David Z. Pan
  • 2013 Guojie Luo, for the dissertation "Placement and Design Planning for 3D integrated Circuits," UCLA. Advisor: Jason Cong
  • 2012 Tan Yan, for the dissertation "Algorithmic Studies on PCB Routing," defended with the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
  • 2011 Nishant Patil, for the dissertation "Design and Fabrication of Imperfection-Immune Carbon Nanotube Digital VLSI Circuits," Stanford University.
  • 2010 Himanshu Jain, for the dissertation "Verification using Satisfiability Checking, Predicate Abstraction, and Craig Interpolation," Carnegie Mellon University.
  • 2009 Kai-Hui Chang for the dissertation "Functional Design Error Diagnosis, Correction and Layout Repair of Digital Circuits", defended with the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, USA.
  • 2008 No award is given this year.
  • 2007 No award is given this year.
  • 2006 Haifeng Qian of University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, for the thesis entitled "Stochastic and Hybrid Linear Equation Solvers and their Applications in VLSI Design Automation"
  • 2005 Shuvendu Lahiri of Carnegie Mellon University, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, for a thesis entitled "Unbounded System Verification using Decision Procedure and Predicate Abstraction"
  • 2004 Chao Wang of University of Colorado at Boulder, Department of Electrical Engineering, for a thesis entitled "Abstraction Refinement for Large Scale Model Checking"
  • 2003 Luca Daniel of University of California, Berkeley Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science for a thesis entitled "Simulation and modeling techniques for signal integrity and electromagnetic interference on high frequency electronic systems,"
  • 2003 Lintao Zhang of Princeton University Department of Electrical Engineering for a thesis entitled "Searching for truth: techniques for satisfiability of Boolean formulas."
  • 2002 No awards were given in this year.
  • 2001 Darko Kirovski from University of California, Los Angeles Department of Computer Science for a thesis entitled "Constraint Manipulation Techniques for Synthesis and Verification of Embedded Systems." The runner-up who received an honorable mention in that years ceremony was Michael Beattie of Carnegie Mellon University Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering for a thesis entitled "Efficient Electromagnetic Modeling for Giga-scale IC Interconnect." 
  • 2000 Robert Brent Jones of Stanford University Department of Electrical Engineering for a thesis entitled "Applications of Symbolic Simulation To the Formal Verification of Microprocessors."