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Use of Downloaded Files

EndNote output styles are provided solely for use by licensed owners of EndNote and with the EndNote product. By downloading EndNote Styles, Filters, Connections, Templates and Updates you automatically agree to the terms of use.

Installing Individual Styles

  1. Download the style you want to install.
  2. Double-click the style file.  It should open in EndNote.
  3. In EndNote, go to “File Menu” and choose “Save As”.  Replace the word “copy” with your style’s name and click “Save”.
  4. Click on “File Menu” and choose “Close Style”.

Have version X1 or prior?  Click here for instructions.

Installing All Styles or Styles by Category

Mac OS:

  1. In EndNote, go to “Menu” and choose “Customizer”.
  2. Place a check next to all of the “Output Styles” you’d like.
  3. Click “Next” twice and “Done” to close the window.


  1. Go to “Control Panel” and choose “Add or Remove Programs” in Windows XP or “Programs and Features” in Windows Vista/7.  Select EndNote and choose “Change”.  Select the “Modify Option” and choose “Next”.
  2. Place a check next to “Additional Styles” and choose “Will be installed on local hard drive.”  Click the plus sign to select only specific styles.  Click “Next”.

I am accessing Endnote Web through an institutional subscription. 


I am finding, however, that Endnote Web doesn't work correctly, anyway, so I'll abandon my attempt at using it for now (I had given Endnote 7 a try a few years ago, found it severely broken and annoying - in particular with its idea of keeping citation information in local desktop "libraries" that cannot be bundled with the document and shared with collaborators - and thought I give the new web-capable product a chance where the local library weirdness was finally fixed.) Or so I thought, until I discovered that Endnote Web is not the flagship product - that is X2 which suffers from the same annoyances as Endnote 7.


On a related note, I found that if you use Chicage Style A in footnote/endnote mode, Endnote Web does not include page numbers for journal-type entries in the reference, even though the record contains them. That's bizarre, and renders it completely useless if I have to enter page numbers manually for each entry.